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Steven as been honoured to teach at Ryerson Film School, The National Theatre School of Canada, Randolph Academy, and is currently a faculty member of Armstrong Acting Academy. Contact for details and rates.

Alexander Steele Zonjic

"Gentle, articulate and incredibly clear, Steve is my go to coach to refine my work and get closer to an earnest and truthful performance. Steve is enthusiastic and engaged as a teacher, and his coaching is intuitive and straightforward, guiding you to a place of comfort and giving you a real rooted confidence within your material. I couldn’t recommend Steve enough, a consummate teacher with an incredible breadth of knowledge, his support and guidance has helped to hone my authentic connection to the work, while having fun doing it. Steve is a real delight to work with, making each session a comfortable place to try things out, make mistakes, turn them around and grow!"


"As a woman of color with little to no representation on screen, I had never really considered acting as a possibility for myself even though that's what I wanted to do more than anything in this world. After meeting Steve and starting acting lessons for the first time ever, I had so much to learn. Steve gave me the confidence and teachings to improve at acting in a safe environment. Steve is a very knowledgeable, perceptive, empathetic and emotionally intelligent instructor. He brings all of these invaluable qualities to his acting approach and gets you to really tap into your own experiences to bring the character alive. After taking lessons with Steve, acting went from being a daunting activity to one that is full of life and excitement. He really encourages that acting become a time to "play" and connect with the story. Steve practices integrity in his teachings by ensuring that you produce the best quality of work. My acting, confidence and understanding of character objectives, obstacles and complexities have increased tremendously since working with him!"

Salma Hindy

Teaching & Coaching 

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