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"the off-beat funk band creates the most memorable live music experience available in Toronto.

Frontman Steven McCarthy leads the audience down the rabbit hole of insane and joyous dance tunes in full Freddy Mercury-esque splendour as his alter ego, Grand Poohbah Groove. 

Inevitably, an Elastocitizens concert is an inhibition-bashing good time wherein a massive crowd of strangers forgets that they’re strangers ...From the first drumbeat to the flingy enthusiasm of the dancers pulled up onstage in the final song, an Elastocitizens show is good for the soul.

But as much fun as the crowd has, my favourite thing about the Elastocitizens concert is the revelry of the musicians themselves... as McCarthy lovingly gazes at the crowd and mutters “God, it’s such a fucking pleasure” in a way not necessarily meant for us to hear, you know that the citizens love nothing more than that moment they’re in. And that is, afterall, the point of the whole thing.

- Kelly Bedard (

The ElastoCitizens are a ten-piece funk rock band formed in 2005 for which McCarthy is co-founder, co-songwriter and bandleader. Their dazzling, high-energy stage-shows have made them a cult favourite on the Toronto music scene where they regularly pack venues such as Lee’s Palace and The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. They've released one album and one 3 song Ep and the entire band plays themselves in the feature film "Picture Day."

Elastos total experience demo
"A heavy dose of danceable funk... an excellent debut." 
- CBC 

"If you were to whip David Bowie, George Clinton, Prince and Beck in a blender, add a dash of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and serve up with the zaniness of Dee-Lite in an old Sly and the Family Stone pair of pants, you'd get the ElastoCitizens."
-toronto metro

"The show is a legend in the making. You must check this group out. Do it for your children." 

"Eye-Candy Over the Top Funk rock... lead by the "Grand Poobah of Funk", who was part Tinsel Jesus, part Elvis, part Mick Jagger, part Ace Frehley, part George Clinton..
This show was definitely an "I was there" moment!"
FunkBox video

Monster is a Toronto-based 5 piece band who makes trash dance music. Made up of key members of the dance collectives The ElastoCitizens and The Ninja Funk Orchestra the band credits influences such as Rage Against the Machine, Soulwax, and Death from Above for helping to shape their hard edged dance-punk sensibility.

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